Appointed As A Trustee? Now What?

A complimentary webinar designed to help trustees understand their role and responsibility.

Online Trustee Workshop

Tuesday, March 21st
12:00 PM

Register today even if you can't attend at the scheduled time, as we will send webinar replay! 

You can watch the online workshop from your mobile device or computer.

We will discuss the following:

Understanding a Trustee's Role

We will cover the crucial steps required to successfully fulfill your role as a trustee.

Navigating Legal and Financial Issues

The webinar will provide guidance on important legal and financial considerations for trustees, such as asset management and distribution.

What is Trust Administration?

Understanding how the process is often easier than probate and how to select a trustee for your plan.

Why we created this online workshop:

A trustee's role and responsibilities are often not clearly laid out. A trustee has several responsibilities and it is important to address their responsibilities through the estate planning process. This workshop can help trustees navigate their current role while also providing information to those thinking of appointing a trustee so that you can make an educated decision about who can fulfill this role in your plan.

It can be intimidating to be navigating this role without clear guidance, but it is a necessary step in ensuring that you are acting responsibly as well as in the best interest of your loved one.

During this educational workshop, you will receive the valuable information you need in order to make an informed decision on how to navigate your trustee responsibilities such as asset management and estate distribution to make sure wishes are carried out properly. This webinar will explain how trust administration is often preferable to probate.

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